Dolpheena the Working Dolphin!


                                                                           4312 Waka Waka Street    Destin,Fl 75692
Cell: (903) 555-3226


Experienced in four years of private theater art classes including: backstage,lights, and on stage acting. Also took classes in facial expressions.


  • Graduated from Flipper High

  • Finished four years of collage at Sea Shore University

  • On the A honer roll

  • Graduated from high school and collage at the top of my class in theater arts                                                                                           


  • Did arts view in middle school and high school
  • Took four years of theater arts in high school
  • Participated in community plays
  • Participated in church plays  


  • Amanda Moore (903) 235-0073

Cloudy with a chance of Planets!

Once upon a time, in a little town called Solar, there was a little girl named Corona. She loved to study about the solar system and all the Moon phases. Along with our tides, stars, and our planets. One day during science class they had to study for a huge test over the solar system. She knew she would do amazing because it was her favorite subject, so she studied hard anyways. On her peaceful walk home, she though of nothing but the test.(Minutes later) While she walked in her house, her mom greeted her by asking what she did today. She replied with “Nothing mom, but I do have a test in science tomorrow.” “You should do good because that is your favorite subject,” replied her mom. (She nodded her head and went to the kitchen) “Mom what’s for super?” asked Corona. “We are going to have some Trix cereal,” her mom replied. “YAY, those are my favorite because they look like planets.”Corona said.(After dinner)Thanks mom that was some good cereal, but now I have to go study for the solar system test I have in science tomorrow. “Okay hun.” her mom replied.( She walked in her room and got her review out of her binder.)Okay, lets she what to study first. There are the phases of the Moon,the tides of our Earth,and our inner and outer planets. I think I’ll start with our Moon. The order of the phases are; new moon,waxing cresent, first quarter, waxing gibbus, full moon, wanning gibbus, third quarter, and last but not least the wanning cresent.(About an hour later.) Oh no I didn’t finish studying for the test. What am I going t do now?(She rushed outside to take the normal morning walk to school. While on her way to school she saw something in the sky.) Oh my goodness, what is that strange thing in the sky? Wait there is more than one, there’s many! They almost look like all the planets. There’s no way though that it could be them because the gravitational pull would not allow them to even come close to Earth. (She slowley kept walking while investigating what was happening.) Why are all the planets in the same spot and order they are usually in, but on Earth? This makes no since at all. (Soon after the stars fell the Earth as well.) This is just not right, non of this should be happoning. Why is gravity allowing this? It’s the boss and tells the planets where they are supposed to be and how far apart they are supposed to be apart. Yet they are here on Earth this very moment. (A star falls and hits her in the head and nocks her out.She jummped in her bed as if she had a nightmare.) Oh my goodness it was all just a dream. It was only my imagination playing with me, but at least i finished my studying in my dream. Once upon a time, in a little town called Solar, there was a little girl named Corona that made a 100 on her solar system test.

Just tell it like they want it!!!

                        My life lesson is that to never ever lie. Being honest is one thing I ask from everyone. Just tell the truth and things will be a lot easier on you.

                          If you lie you’re just lying to your self and every one around you. People will no longer believe you. There are also some Consequences you won’t like. There’s grounding, detention, and more things that I can’t name. If you lie no one will like you any more because you’re never telling them the truth. People need to here the truth no madder if its good or bad they just want the truth.

                     The more you’re honest the more your maturity level increases, the more people will trust you to do things on your own. You’ll have a lot more freedom. You’d probably like a lot more freedom.

                        I’m glad some people choose to tell the truth. It really makes a big difference in some people’s life. Just by saying one true thing to some it could make their day. They could go home and say “today some one told me the truth and they want to be nice to me unlike every one else.” Just tell the truth and you’ll have it good.

                                        -Brooke Vining-

Just imagine!

How would you like to lose your sight? I bet you wouldn’t like it. I know I wouldn’t like it because you use you sight to look at all the beauties in life, when you grow older and have beautiful children you wouldn’t know how beautiful they really where on the outside, it would just be a big pain to deal with!

                      I would hat to lose my eye sight because it means something to me like a valuable possession. Just think about it if you hade to use a public bathroom you would have no clue as to which one was the ladies or men’s so you’d have to learn how to use Braille. Imagine how hard that’d be.

                        My sense of sight is extremely important to me because I love and enjoy sports, art, sometimes reading, doing flag and more. Just imagine if you lost your sight you lost mostly all your super fun activities. I‘d truly hat that. My sense of sight means the world to me and I hope I never ever lose it.

                                       -Brooke Vining-

The one I love!!

Little is my stupid cat.

My sister and I always

call her stalker or creeper.

If you tease her she chases you and attacks!

She follows

me around all the time.

It’s kind of strange.


She has green eyes,

white paws, long whiskers,

black ,white ,brown, and tan

fur .She Is a very lovable

cat but fat. When she runs

her fat jiggles back and forth.

Its so funny.


Little is my stupid cat.

I will always love my littles.


-Brooke Vining-

MY LIFE ! ! ! ! !

Life is hard, harder than you think it is.

Have you ever tried to

concentrate and someone was talking?

Has it been the other way

around, where you try to talk to someone and

they ignore you or

give mean, hurtful, and feeling hurting comments?

I bet that happens to every one

and it just ruins your day when their having  a good day ! !

Learn to be nice not mean

because  all  you do  is  hurt  people, so next time you choose to mean

and hurt someone on the inside

think of how you would feel because I guarantee you wouldn’t like it !

-Brooke Vining-



blue people that fight for

their life.

They live in a big tree that the

sky people want.

The big tree is in this forest

where when you step on the ground

it lights up.

The whole forest lights up like fireworks

in the night sky.

The Avatar’s are very skilled, more than you

could ever imagine.

They fly on these huge birds

high in the sky.


                                             -Brooke Vining-